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About Us

 First Baptist Church strives over all other goals to be a Bible-based church pursuing the functions of the church as prescribed in the scriptures.  In a church culture where the scriptures are seen as accessories to our faith, FBC purposes to adhere to biblical grounding in all areas of faith and practice.

Within that context, we greatly desire to reach out and fellowship with anyone within our area who is searching for a church home from which to develop spiritual maturity and to model their lives after Christ's example.  If there are ways we can further minister to you in our area, please contact us.

Our website is extensive, so take some time to learn about our many ministries using the links above.  

Each Sunday morning we have Bible study for all ages at 9:30, Breakfast at 10:30 and morning worship at 11:00.  Our full schedule of weekly worship events and ministries can be perused at the "Calendar" link at the top of this page.


First Baptist Church exists to carry out the functions of the Christian church as prescribed in God's Word.  Those functions are:

  • To reach others with the message of Christ (Evangelism)
  • To fellowship with and encourage one another (Fellowship)
  • To worship God corporately and privately (Worship)
  • To disciple ourselves by studying and applying God's Word daily (Discipleship)
  • To minister to the needs of our community in Christ's name (Ministry)

We believe that we are to spend the entirety of our church resources to achieve these purposes.

We are deeply committed to the eternal truths of the Bible. Our vision is to become a biblically functioning community of believers who worship God, reach out to people outside the church and grow together in our spiritual relationship with God.

Read our doctrinal statement here