Updated: 7/1/20

Out of an abundance of causion, are meeting online only for the fourteen days following 6/28/20.  

We hope to return to on-site worship on 7/12.  Wednesday, July 1, Sunday July 5, and Wednesday July 8 we will be streaming our services online, only.

Please visit www.Needville.TV to join our streaming service.



Updated 5/9/20

This Sunday marks the return to on-campus worship for FBC Needville.  As noted in our earlier correspondence, it will not be a simple “return” but more of a process of returning; none-the-less we are pleased to see some light at the end of the tunnel of this miserable season.

Some should not return at this time.  

Some are simply not ready.  We understand and will be here when you are.  No one should do what they are not comfortable doing.  We will stream services at www.Needville.TV, as we have done for years, for those unable to attend. 

Some are at too high of a risk at this time.  The recommendation of the state and your church staff is that you please stay home for now if you are in a state of high vulnerability for this virus.  We ask you to stay home if you have been in contact with anyone known or suspected to have the virus. 

We ask you to stay home if you have any symptoms of the virus, including cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache or sore throat.  Frankly, if you have symptoms of any illness then you should stay home until you are well.

Some are ready to return.  Those who are ready and able to return will be having to do so in a different manner for a period of time.  As of now we are to maintain 6 feet of separation between those who do not live or arrive together to church.  To accommodate this the sanctuary is marked off and is only able to seat about one quarter of our original seating capacity.

There are other differences to prepare for.  In order to reasonably maintain the standards being asked of us we will also need everyone’s help getting in & out in an orderly fashion. 

  • Please enter & exit quickly between the first and second service. We will need time to sanitize all surfaces after the early service before we can seat people from the later service. To that end, we recommend showing up no earlier than 10:50 for the later service and/or remaining in your car until the doors open to begin seating for the second service. 
  • Please sit in designated areas. We will have the sanctuary marked off with reasonable distances between groups. Most people will not be able to sit in your regular spot, but will be pointed to a space when you arrive.  Please do not split up your family group for seating purposes, as this eliminates a seating area for someone else.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available when you enter the building.
  • Additional cleaning and sanitation will happen between services – which will take a few moments of time in transition.

These will generally be the changes, though you will notice a few other minor adjustments.  We are not required to use face masks or gloves though some will desire to wear them on their own and will be welcome to do so.  Please be respectful of the wishes of others and enjoy your freedom responsibly.

Things that will not return to normal at this time:

At this time there will be no childcare available as there is no way to keep the social distancing requirements in a childcare environment with our facilities.

For now there will be no Sunday School opportunities on campus.  Some classes are currently doing online classes while others have not.  Get with your Bible Study teacher to determine what will be available at this time.

There will also at this time be no food or coffee services provided.  We all look forward to that level of return to normalcy!

Our schedule moving forward:

  • Sunday Mornings
    • Two services – as described above
    • No Sunday School, breakfast, or childcare will be available
  • Sunday Evenings
    • Will resume NEXT week, May 17th, at 6:00 p.m. for our regularly scheduled business meeting
  • Wednesday Evenings Resume May 13th (next Wednesday)
    • AWANA ministry is complete for the school year and is on Summer break
    • Youth Ministry WILL MEET in the church gym – and will uphold the guidelines noted above for social distancing, etc.
    • Adult Bible Study will resume in the Sanctuary


Welcome to FBC Needville!  (Regular visitors should take time to register now.  Many site features require you to be registered and logged in.) 

First Baptist Church strives over all other goals to be a Bible-based church pursuing the functions of the church as prescribed in the scriptures.  In a church culture where the scriptures are seen as accessories to our faith, FBC purposes to adhere to biblical grounding in all areas of faith and practice.

Within that context, we greatly desire to reach out and fellowship with anyone within our area who is searching for a church home from which to develop spiritual maturity and to model their lives after Christ's example.  If there are ways we can further minister to you in our area, please contact us.

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First Baptist Church of Needville is committed to offering life-changing Bible studies for all ages. These classes are designed to offer insight into God's word that will be applicable to every season of life.

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