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 The Gospel Truth

Perhaps the single greatest theological necessity of the average Christian is to possess true understanding of the gospel we profess.  If we truly know the theology of the gospel then we are inately prepared to share our hope with others in a given context.

This is a gospel training series.  While it is a FANTASTIC opportunity for a lost person to hear and understand the gospel - the purpose of the sieres is to present the gospel - in detail - that we may understand and know it at its core and thus be prepared with that knowledge when a gospel opportunity presents itself.

The series schedule: 

May 10

Man is Sinful

May 17

God's Wrath Toward sin

May 24

The Wages of Sin

May 31

Atonement Pt. 1

Jun 7

Atonement Pt. 2

Jun 14

Jesus, The Fulfillment of the Law

Jun 21

VBS Gospel Sunday

Jun 28

Christ Crucified (Lord's Supper)

Jul 5

By Grace Given

Jul 12

By Faith Received

Jul 19


Jul 26


Aug 2

The Process of Salvation

Aug 9

Atonement Theories

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